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Additional Role selection in xFlow and Service Point


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The following document describes how to enable additional role selections in xFlow/Service Point.

Example:  The given end user logs into xFlow and sees that they can select under the xFlow app and can choose "Administrator" and "Level 2 Analyst".  Service Point does not have any role options.  Objective is to add additional roles into Service Point alongside the default "Employee" role.   The roles will be "Administrator", "Change Manager" and "Configuration Administrator".


Release :  17.3 RU14 and higher

CA Service Desk Manager


1.  Login to the SDM Web UI as a user with Admin rights to SDM

2.  Under the Administration Tab, choose Security and Role Management -> Access Types

3.  Select the Access Type that the end user is assigned.  In this case, the end user was assigned the Administration Access Type.

4.  In the given Access Type, review the Attached Role list (under the Roles tab) to confirm the role of interest that will be attached to the given app is present.  In this case, we verify "Administrator", "Change Manager" and "Configuration Administrator" are present.  If the roles are not listed here, they cannot be added to the application.

5.  Choose the "Apps" tab, then choose the app of interest, in this case, "Service Point"

6.  In the screen showing "Service Point of Administration Detail", click "Update Roles"

7.  Click "Search" to display available roles.  The "Additional Search Arguments" will be pre-populated with all roles that are attached to the given Access Type in step 4.

8.  Add the roles of interest.  In this case, "Administrator", "Change Manager" and "Configuration Administrator".  Click "OK"

9.  We see that the Role listing is updated for "Service Point" with the additional roles.  

10.  Log back into Service Point as the given user.  We will see the newly added roles under the "Service Point" app.