Network Bandwidth best practices for SAAS
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Network Bandwidth best practices for SAAS


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We would like a guidance on what network bandwidth is required to be able to work on SAAS.

We have some remote users with low bandwidth who have performance issues and blank pages when accessing our environments in SAAS

The issue may be only reproducible in one region or a specific network


Release : Any


  1. From the affected user and network PC, perform a traceroute as per Clarity troubleshooting with Traceroute
  2. Check the results: 
    • We recommend to have a bandwidth below 30 ms for best performance
    • Any performance over 150 ms is considered to be suboptimal
  3. If a user has a consistent slow performance, we recommend changing the network - using another VPN location or network provider to ensure a good bandwidth
    1. Ask the user to try from the office or their home network
    2. Remove all web browser plugins and/or try from a different laptop
  4. If this is not possible, consider using portals and terminals such as Citrix to allow for an optimal network bandwidth

Additional Information

Your web browser developer tools > "Network" tab can reveal good information such as how long it took to download a static asset like a CSS or Javascript file.