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Ondemand Parent-Child sync is throwing Exception in Sync Map Job execution


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The on-demand action for parent / child sync is throwing an Exception in the Sync Map Job execution. This happens when the object mappings defined does not contain the lowest level of the Rally Portfolio Item hierarchy (e.g., Feature). 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create two custom investments on Clarity (say custinv1, custinv2) 
  2. Make sure Include Hierarchies is selected for both the custom investments 
  3. Also enable Hierarchy in Blueprints for both the custom investments 
  4. Create Integration for Rally Endpoint 
  5. Run Import Integrations Job 
  6. Setup Object and Field Mapping between two custom investments of Clarity and Theme & Epic of Rally  
    Make sure that the Object mappings does not contain the lowest level of the Rally Portfolio Item hierarchy (e.g., Feature) 
  7. Create a Process by selecting one of the custom investment (say custinv1) and associate Synchronize Mapped Information Job in the Start Step Action. In the Finish step  make sure the Process status with values Done and Error are added as part of Expression. Associate Finish step with Start step in the Start -> Build Step 
  8. Now come to MUX and add the Process in the Actions tab of the Blueprint created in step3. Publish the Blueprint 
  9. Make sure one instances are created for both custinv1 and 3 instances for custinv2. Select instance of custinv1 as parent for all the 3 instances of custinv2 
  10. For the instance of custinv1 select the Blueprint created in step3 so that Process Action button is enabled 
  11. Now go to Investments -> custinv1 grid -> Open the Instance Properties, Click on the Action button 

Expected Results: The job should complete successfully. 

Actual Results: The synchronize mapped information job which is invoked via the Process gets CompletionException caused by NullPointerException. 


Release 16.1.0 

Clarity Integrations 




Resolved in 16.1.1, (16.1.0 Patch #1)