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Kind or type of data in the VIP AuthHub mysql database


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VIP Authentication Hub



When running the VIP AuthHub (VIPAH), what kind/type of data does VIP AuthHub save into the MySQL database?




AuthHub stores the following user-related details in the database:

  1. Users basic information (first name, last name, Active status )
  2. Email and phone numbers - All sensitive data of credentials encrypted
  3. Details of other credentials (FIDO, Push, TOTP etc) - All sensitive data of credentials encrypted
  4. If risk is enabled then
    1. Signature of the devices (encrypted) used by the users
    2. Location information (IP address) from where the users accessed the system

Apart from the above user-related information, the following configurations that are required for AH to run are stored in the database:

  1. ID Store connection details (LDAP/SCIM)
  2. Identity Providers
  3. Custom Message/Risk Provider connection details
  4. Policies (AuthZ and AuthN)
  5. Tenant/System Settings
  6. Etc.