Question on Z/OS Connect within Endevor
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Question on Z/OS Connect within Endevor


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How to use the synchronous call to IBM Z/os Connect in order to reach a microservice starting from an Endevor Exit 7 (package),

Does Endevor support the use of z/os connect in both batch and TSO and, if YES, are there are any requirements at the Endevor version level?

From the Z/os Connect documentation there are restrictions related to the configuration required at the Language Environment level, in particular related to the POSIX(ON) parameter required by Z/os Connect and its implications at the level of LE enclaves.


Release : 18.1


The IBM doc describing the limitation says:

There can be only one LE enclave, the first enclave, with POSIX(ON) per TCB. 

The Endevor coding that handles packages runs in an LE environment that has POSIX(OFF).

This means that in order to use z/OS Connect out of Endevor exit 7, the exit can't run on the same TCB, it must be attached.
This can be accomplished by defining the exit with CALLAPF=Y.
Such a definition means that the exit will run authorized only if
a) it comes out of an authorized library 
b) it was linked with AC(1).
In other words, as long as you link the exit with AC(0) - which is the default - it won't run authorized and you won't have to worry about concerns that come with APF authorization.

Additional restrictions apply if COBOL programs with nested enclaves are to be used in the exit, as explained in the Language Environment documentation.

As for Endevor version/level requirements, it's strongly recommended to be current on maintenance, especially SECINT PTF's should be in place.

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