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Versioning option is disabled when saving flow in ARD Hub.


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


When saving a flow in the ARD Hub it is not possible to update to a different version. 
The option for the version is greyed out.


Release : 3.2.5


The reason is that flows that are stored in the Hub have their version controlled by the location and the version as shown in the ARD hub. 
Flows that are stored in a local folder on disk, have their version stored as part of the flow and one flow file can contain multiple versions.
These can be shown with 'Manage -> Revision History'. 
For example flow jv1 opened from a file has 2 versions in the same file:

When trying to save this flow in the ARD Hub, only the latest version from the file will be saved:

Once a flow is saved to the Hub, the versions are controlled by the hub.
For example flow jv1 has a version in 2 different version nodes in the Hub:

So once the flow is saved on the Hub, the version is controlled by the version node on the Hub.