AppNeta Universal Licenses
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AppNeta Universal Licenses


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I'm having trouble understanding my licensing, and the new AppNeta Universal Licenses.


AppNeta SaaS 15.23.0 and newer


AppNeta has changed the licensing of the product.  There is now only one type of license type, AppNeta Universal License (AUL).  Each Monitoring Point connected or Application path created consumes a number of AULs that depends on its class.

Applications consume AppNeta Universal Licenses as follows:

  • For each web path created in Experience monitoring.
  • For each network path created in Delivery monitoring where the target is >= 4 hops away from the source and latency >= 5ms.
    • If the network path is part of a web path, no additional licenses are consumed.
  • Delivery paths that are less than hops or with latency < 5ms are considered LAN targets and do not consume licenses.
  • Usage monitoring does not consume AppNeta Universal Licenses.


For more details, please have a look at the tech doc page: