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Incident filters do not remain in place when navigating back to the incident list from an incident snapshot in DLP 16.0


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Data Loss Prevention Enterprise Suite Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Enforce


In the 16.0 Enforce console, if you edit a saved report that results in additional incidents displayed, then browse to one of those incidents, and then use the back button, it will return you to the unedited version of the originally loaded report.


Steps to reproduce:

  1.     Open a saved incident report. 
  2.     Edit the filters to expand the scope of the report, such as including new incidents. 
  3.     Apply the filter
  4.     Select a newly displayed incident 
  5.     Hit the application back button. 
  6.     You are returned to the report prior to it being edited. 


Expected vs. actual results: 

    In-app back button should reliably take you back to the previous screen, including the filters as they were applied, this was true in 15.8


Release: 16.0


Engineering is targeting 16.0 MP1 for a fix for this issue.