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Error: "PRJ-07582" when deleting an assignment


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The Project manager is trying to set the assignment finish date for a resource that has 0 ETC and 0 actuals against the particular task. When you try to remove the resource from the assignment, you receive the following error: 

PRJ-07582: One or more assignments cannot be deleted. This may be due to committed assignment actuals when trying to delete a resource from a task.

Is it possible to unassign a resource from a task / delete a task if actuals / time has been posted for one or more assignments?


Release: All
Component: Clarity Project Management


It is not possible to delete assignments with posted actuals. Clarity does not allow actual units of work to be deleted on an assignment or task with submitted, approved or posted actual units through timesheets.  If you try to delete an assignment with actuals, you will see the error noted above. 


  • This includes adjustments even if the actual hours are reduced to 0. These actual units are stored in the PRAssignment and PRTimeEntry tables.  If transactions were from WIP there are still associations from WIP to the task/assignment.
  • If you do attempt to delete a task with actuals, when you view the task in OWB, it will display under a Deleted section of the project. 
  • If actual units were entered directly in Open Workbench (OWB) or Microsoft Project (MSP) you can delete the assignment or task as these actual units are stored in the PRAssignment table only.

To prevent the user from adding any further time to the task (or adding it to the timesheet):

  1. If the user isn't going to be submitting any time on the project, the project manager can mark the user closed for time entry on the Team tab of the project.
  2. The other option is to close the task for time entry. If there are other assignments on the task that need to submit time, the option would be to create another task and add the users from the closed for time entry who need to submit time to that task, and make that task open for time entry.

Additional Information

You also cannot remove a resource from a project that has submitted, approved or posted actuals through timesheets or from within the Investment Team

NOTE: If you delete the time periods where the actuals were entered, ALL associated timesheets are deleted. If you do this, you will be able to remove the resource from the project, and delete the task. However, deleting the time reporting period also deletes ALL Timesheets for that time period, so be careful that you do not delete data you still need. See Remove resource from task after posting hours on it for more details.