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Download Policy Details don't show checked EDM fields


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor and Prevent for Email


  • When we try to download policy details of a specific policy rule with several EDM fields. The downloaded policy details do not show the selected EDM fields. Rather it shows "noneSelected". 
  • I have attached an word file with the detailed steps to reproduce the issue. You must have several EDM fields in the rule to reproduce.


  • Is there a possibility for the downloaded policy details to show the checked fields in the rule?
  • Is there a workaround possible?


Release : 15.8 MP3


This has been reproduced in house and currently pending with Engineering team for further investigation


A JIRA ticket has been raised with the Engineering team for further review i.e CRE-11876 and bug fix

Engineering team have targeted this for later version i.e 17.x.

When the version 17 GA is released check back with the regional Customer Success Manager (CSM) who can guide further with the latest updates on the JIRA ticket.