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Facing 404 error after upgrade to ARD 3.2.7


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


We upgraded to ARD 3.2.7 and currently we are facing below errors in the UI:

Error 404: resource not found.


General Keycloak client error from reason: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

The flow-storage log shows below error:

2022-11-23 18:07:22.543 ERROR [flow-storage,,] 18149 --- [main] o.f.core.internal.command.DbMigrate      : Migration of schema [DBO] to version " - InsertIntoFolderNewExamples" failed! Changes successfully rolled back.
2022-11-23 18:07:22.557 ERROR [flow-storage,,] 18149 --- [main] ardflowstorage.dal.TenantSchemaDao       : Flyway migration failed.

org.flywaydb.core.internal.command.DbMigrate$FlywayMigrateException: Migration V0_1_0_790__InsertIntoFolderNewExamples.sql failed
SQL State  : 23000
Error Code : 547
Message    : The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "FK_Folder_Collection". The conflict occurred in database "ARDFlowStorage", table "dbo.Project", column 'id'.
Location   : ardflowstorage/sql/tenant/mssql/V0_1_0_790__InsertIntoFolderNewExamples.sql (/opt/SP/ard/apache-tomcat/webapps/ard#flow-storage/WEB-INF/classes/ardflowstorage/sql/tenant/mssql/V0_1_0_790__InsertIntoFolderNewExamples.sql)
Line       : 1


Release : 3.2.7


This issue was caused due to missing Examples project in the backend as it was deleted accidently. 

When starting for the first time after upgrade, the application will try to add new flows into examples project. Since the project was missing, it failed and caused the UI error.


To resolve the issue, below property can be added in and updated in files at following locations. 




This action will skip the task of adding new flows to the examples project and will not impact if examples project exists or not.