How to specify the destination path for the FTP driver?
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How to specify the destination path for the FTP driver?


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We are in the process of migrating a CASPOOL print node to a different server and we need some assistance to setup the path for TCPDRIV=FTP. Looks like the default FTP path name for all CASPOOL nodes that we have configured is the same "/u/users/output/".





Release : 14.0


The PATH valued was being hardcoded in the exit ESFU014. The client had to change the exit to point to the new path.

From documentation:

You can specify FTP report attributes and processing options:

  • On the printer level using the 4*60=240 bytes DRIVPRM1-4 parameters.
  • On the print file level using the 4*60=240 byte OUTPUT ADDRESS parameters.

You can specify this using JCL or can have it be automatically assigned using Spool DESTID definitions.
If you specify an FTP print driver parameter more than once, then the last specification is used.

However, in this case the PATH was hardcoded in the Transformer user exit ESFU014