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Does XCOM support PGP encryption


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We have been asked by our cyber security area whether it is possible to use PGP encryption on transfers between our mainframe z/OS XCOM running 12.0 to a windows server running XCOM 11.6.  If so where can we obtain documentation on how to proceed?


Release : 11.6, 12.0


XCOM supports data encryption between OS platforms via SSL/TLS but currently has no built-in support for PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).
Data Encryption Using SSL/TLS

From reading more about PGP (Wikipedia - Pretty Good Privacy) and its differences with SSL/TLS (Information Security Stack Exchange - Public keys on OpenSSL vs PGP?), using PGP is popular with emails and its way to handle certificates is more suited for emails.
Therefore with those explanations, SSL/TLS looks like the right choice for file transfers, client/server and bi-directional.
If PGP is still required then manually coding XCOM pre/post processing exits on both sides of the transfer to do PGP encryption/decryption might be an option, but the effort required to do that is obviously unknown.

Additional Information

To request PGP support to be added to the XCOM product in the future please create a new Idea on the Broadcom Community Ideas under category "XCOM Data Transport".