Active Directory Service Accounts Used by AutoSys
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Active Directory Service Accounts Used by AutoSys


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Autosys Workload Automation


Where in AutoSys/WCC would an Active Directory service account be used?


Release : 11.3.6/12.0/12.1


In the EEM User Store config, it is common to specify a service account to be used as the bind user.

WCC could possibly have service accounts specified to use. A lot of customers will set the monitor ID for an AutoSys instance definition in WCC to a service account. You might also find service account(s) specified in the Credentials tab. The easiest way to find out all in one place is to run an export of your WCC config to a file. You can then search that file for service account name(s) to see where they might be used.

To run an export, login to the WCC server and run the following command from <WCC_HOME>\bin...

For UNIX/Linux...

./ -u <your_WCC_id> -x WCC_config.txt

For Windows...
wcc_config.bat -u <your_WCC_id> -x WCC_config.txt

You will be prompted for your WCC login password.

In the file created by the export, search for "monitor_id". You may find more than one if you have multiple AutoSys instances configured in WCC. Those may be set to a service account.

You can search the rest of the file for service account id's. Hopefully you maybe have a common part of the id's that could be used in a wildcard search.