Database location / datacenter for Clarity application
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Database location / datacenter for Clarity application


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If our database and application servers are not in the same area, what are the impacts. What is the maximum distance we can have between the two locations? 


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  • It is recommended to keep the application as close to the database as possible
  • Typically is not an issue to have the servers in different datacenters in the same city, sometimes even different cities
  • As long as the network bandwidth and performance between the servers look good you and your users may not notice any difference
  • We do not have a recommended distance / bandwidth for Clarity, we only have a best practice recommendation to set up in the same region and same timezone.
  • Your system admins should make sure both servers are performing well together.
  • We suggest testing and making sure the performance is good in Clarity overall and the most frequently used options on lower environment first to make sure things look good before migrating Production