Allocation Timeline View - Filter for unstaffed investments by OBS
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Allocation Timeline View - Filter for unstaffed investments by OBS


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On the Allocation Timeline View when trying to filter for unstaffed investments by OBS none of the unstaffed investments are returned.


Because the Project's Department OBS shows on each resource, but not on the investment itself you cannot filter for investments that are unstaffed when filtering on Department OBS


Steps to Reproduce: 
1.  Make sure the project object  Department OBS is API enabled so it can be used in MUX
2.  Create a project and add a Department OBS
    - Do not add any staff so it is unstaffed
3.  Go to the Staffing Allocations Timeline
4.  Add the Department OBS to your view
5.  Make sure the page shows Allocations by Investment , Project (instead of All Staffed Investments)

    If you do not use projects make sure to choose your CIT instead
5.  On the page add a filter 
    Department OBS (Project) 
6.  Filter for your Department OBS 




Expected Reults:  Your project will show in the results


Actual Result: Your project does not show



Release : 16.0.3, 16.1


The department needs to show on the investment itself but because this is a resource based view the project obs shows on the resources.

This has been reported as DE67468.


This has been reported as DE67468.

This use case is taken care of with the code changes in 16.1.1 where both staffed and unstaffed investments will show up together without the use of a button to show 'All Staffed Investments' vs both by picking one specific investment type.