Trouble Ticket ID Link URL update
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Trouble Ticket ID Link URL update


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DX NetOps CA Spectrum


Hi Team

We want to change our existing trouble ticket ID url in production Spectrum.

If I change  URL  from View--> Preference --> Alarm -> Trouble Ticket ID Url, as below will this work ?

Do I need to restart any service post this change ?

As I need to apply change in production environment , will this change impact any other service ?

Do I need to change it in all OneClick Console GUI ?


Release : Any
Component: OneClick


After changing the URL, the change takes affect immediately for this user. No restart needed.

The following is from the "Alarms Tab Preferences" section of the documentation.

Trouble Ticket URL:

Specifies a URL in which to enclose the trouble ticket ID. Set the URL for a trouble ticket management system at your organization. The ticket number for an alarm appears as a hyperlink that opens a Web browser to the trouble ticket system URL. The trouble ticket ID can be substituted for the URL at run time by specifying “{0}” in the URL string. The following example shows this substitution:


Additional Information

This can be configure globally by doing the following:

- Log into OneClick as a super user

- Click on the Users tab

- Right mouse click on the Users Group icon and select Set Preferences from the menu

- Set the "Trouble Ticket URL" and enter the value

- Click on the Apply button

- Click on the OK button

This requires users to log out of OneClick and then back into OneClick for the change to take affect.