Can WSS Agent users be restricted to connect to certain data centers?
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Can WSS Agent users be restricted to connect to certain data centers?


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Users connecting to WSS via the WSS Agent.

CTC, by default, will redirect WSS agents to the nearest data center available based on GEO location.

CTC typically sends back a list of 3 nearest data centers, and WSS agent will always try to connect with the primary. If primary is unavailable for any reason it will connect to secondary and so on.

Customer wants WSS Agent users be restricted and connect to specific data centers only. Customer may want the CTC connections to resolve to certain data centers for regulatory reasons e.g. a financial organisation in Europe may not be able to go to the London data center for compliance reasons.

Can a user change the data centers CTC responds with and avoid connecting to nearest data center e.g. If a user is travelling to the UK, and connects via the WSS Agent from there, they should not connect to London even though it is the nearest data center?


WSS Agent.


Overwrite default behaviour.


It is possible to change the default behaviour in two different ways, one overwriting the CTC process and another customising it.

1. Using dpOverride: This approach overwrites the CTC mechanism and forces traffic to a specific data center IP address. Whilst useful, it provides no redundancy in the scenario where the data center you are pointing to goes down. When this happens, no traffic can go via WSS.

2. Engaging Broadcom support to customise the CTC rules: It is possible to change the default CTC response so that users are sent to a list of specific data centers they want users to connect to. In the above example, we can make sure that a user in mainland Europe never connects to the UK data center. The custom CTC response will be returned to WSS Agent users regardless of their GEO location.

When engaging support, please provide a list of the 3 data centers that you want users to connect to, in order of preference. Please note that it may take up to a few days to complete the changes.