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Not able to boot for CAS-VA Version and on Hyper-V Version: 10.0.17763.1 after installation


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When trying to deploy the CAS-VA Version on Hyper-V Version 10.0.17763.1.
Post deploying the CAS-VA VM, while in boot process the VM gets stuck at the following line and goes in loop post reboot:

mount: special device /dev/ _pre_vg_persist/data does not exist
INFO: verify volume loop was triggered 30 times
Continuing in 30 seconds ..._


Insufficient resources have been selected while deploying the CAS on Hyper-V


Reserve memory and CPU core(s) for the Content Analysis VA. Allocate resources appropriately so that the VA performs optimally.

Select the newly created VM from the virtual machine menu right click and select settings.
In the Hyper-V Manager, select the newly-created VM, right-click, and select Settings on the menu.

On the Settings dialog, select Processor on the left pane and specify the Number of virtual processors should be selected as 6

Select Apply to save changes.
In the left pane, select IDE Controller 0. In the IDE Controller section, select Hard Drive and click Add. Add a secondary drive sized 100GB or larger.

Note: (In Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019 Datacenter only) Adding the hard drive to IDE Controller 0 in these versions results in Hyper-V boot issues. Instead of IDE Controller 0, add the hard drive to IDE Controller 1. If a DVD drive is attached to IDE Controller 1, remove the DVD drive and then add the hard drive.

Save the changes to the VM settings.

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