How do I use the Selenium command mouseOver and clickAt?
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How do I use the Selenium command mouseOver and clickAt?


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In some of your workflows, you may have troubles selecting a particular link or element on a web page.  This can cause some scripts to cease to function and result in errors.  A good workaround to the issue is to use mouseOver command and pair this command with a clickAt:


AppNeta Selenium Script workflow.


Consider a very basic workflow:


1.  We'll open the Broadcom Support Portal
2.  Pause for 500 ms
3.  mouseOver to the Brocade Education link
4.  Pause again for 500 ms
5.  mouseOver the Customer Support Portal
6.  Using the clickAt 0,0 command, we are able to click on the place our mouse is hovering.

So instead of clicking on the normal link, instead this serves as a workaround to navigate to the next page, by hovering on an item with mouseOver, and then clicking at the hover point, to advance to the next portion of the script.

This is valuable if the click you are attempting to access can not be selected for whatever reaseon.


Additional Information

Another useful Selenium command that may help is the use of keyDown, which can be used to mimic Keyboard commands: