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Configuration failed while attempting to configure services during an upgrade or reconfigure of ITMS


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IT Management Suite


During an upgrade or repair of ITMS a warning is displayed while configuring services and the upgrade or reconfigure fails

It was noticed that Log Viewer on the SMP showed the following:


ITMS 8.x


In at least one instance of this issue it was discovered McAfee security software was blocking 'Reflection proxy' service from starting. 

Windows Event viewer logs were key in determining this because they showed the service stopping enforced by McAfee

Proper AV exceptions/exclusions were not in place for the upgrade/reconfigure to properly proceed.


Antivirus needs to have exclusions in place for the ITMS and agent install to function correctly.

Once these exclusions were added, SIM had no issue upgrading to the latest version.

Please ensure the following articles are taken into consideration for any AV software:
Recommended Anti-virus exclusions for Symantec Management Platform and Agents
What exclusions should be considered for Symantec Management Platform to function correctly with an anti-virus solution installed?