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HTTP Keep-Alive Response header - could we force the gateway to send this header attribute ?


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CA API Gateway


We are running API gateway 10.0CR05. We have an issue with some clients and their connection pool, because the response does not include a keep-alive attribute.

How can we enable a keep-alive http header in all responses with a defined value ?

In Gateway 10.1, this is enabled by default:



Release : 10.0


The useKeepAliveResponseHeader option does not exist in tomcat 7 so you can not enable it . to use this you need to upgrade to gateway 10.1 

As a workaround you can add the keep alive headers to the response using the add header assertion before sending the response .

add the  "missing" HTTP headers:"

Connection: keep-alive
Keep-Alive: timeout=60

This would work  as long as the keepAliveTimeout passed to tomcat from the listen port setting is 60 sec .

By default this it the same as the connectionTimeout which is indeed 60 sec , if you use another keep alive timeout in the header you need to adjust the connectiontimeout but this could impact other services .