SMTP authentication on Dollar Universe
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SMTP authentication on Dollar Universe


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We recently changed our SMTP server to one that requires users to identify themselves with login/password to send emails.

Since then, it's not possible anymore to send emails from Dollar Universe Nodes for Uprocs or via Alerting Rules - E-mail

Is this functionality supported on more recent versions?


Release : 6.x or 7.x

Component: Dollar Universe

Functional Area: Email notifications


Ufortunately, there is no out of the box way to integrate with SMTP servers that require authentication.

There are several suggestions to avoid this issue:

  1. Request your SMTP team to provide you with a relay SMTP server where this authentication is not required, this is what most customers are using.
  2. Customizing an alerting rule to execute a Generic Supervision Script. On this script you should invoke a third party tool/script that is able to send the emails with authentication. 

Additional Information

There is an opened Idea about this topic in the Community:

If you are facing this challenge, I would kindly request you to Vote it so that the Product Management consider to include it in the future.