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APM CPU Utilization View changes after Agent upgrade


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


## Environment:
Full Description of Problem:
We have the following issue:
Recently the customer upgraded the APM tomcat agent from (Build 993801) to 2022.3.0.21 (Build 990021). Since then, the view of the CPU utilization metric did not change. Before it was possible to enter the CPU folder and one could see the per CPU utilization (see cpu_agent_10.7.png). After the upgrade, these metric are invisible (see cpu_agent_2022.3.0.21.png). In image001.jpg & image002.jpg one can see that CPU utilization metric in general are collected, so we assumed that the JMX extensions are in place.
There are no changes happening on the APM MOM or collectors.


Release : 22.1


Comparing Legacy Process CPU % with JMX CPU %

Legacy meaning 10.7 Platform Monitoring

Check this section - >CPU Metrics in Java Agent

and CPU Metrics in Infrastructure Monitor Agent

so the utilization % in PM is what JMX is showing. So, we confirmed that this metric is correct

Now that PM is removed only JMX remains, PM metrics are no longer available