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Test Data Manager Masking on Z16 returns 0C4


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Basically a masking operation that works fine on a Z14 gives and 0C4 on a Z16.

We recently found out that on another Z16, the same job runs fine, so I am thinking that it may be a back level COBOL module IGZCEV5... but what confuses me is that on the same SYSPLEX, from 2 different LPARs  the Z14 runs the masking IVP fine and the Z16 returns an 0C4 !!

Our z/OS support has asked me to do that since IGZCEV5 is an estai module, and it could potentially get bad information.

The program is GTXMAP 


Release : TDM Mainframe with COBOL 6.0



During Upgrade from Release 6.0, Cobol II Libraries were not removed from STEPLIB DD
After Upgrade from Release 6.0, LE Language Environment is not available to Batch Jobs


Please work with your Systems team to verify the content of the IBM Note above. Per IBM to resolve this, remove Cobol II Libraries from STEPLIB DD, and/or contact Systems Programmer for how to use LE Language Environment in Batch Jobs.

For more information, see 6.1 Release Notes (Cobol II is no longer supported, beginning in Release 6.1) and/or applicable Installation Guide (Language Environment is a Minimum Requirement, beginning in Release 6.1).