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Precedence 20 events flood OneClick every time the secondary SpectroSserver is restarted


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CA Spectrum


More than 50,000 events are generated from the secondary SpectroServer during every online backup. 

Why do those events show up in OC?



Release : 21.2


The secondary role determination was taking an extended time which caused the precedence 20 events.


Landscape polling occurs every 60 secs(60000) which was configured as a .vnmrc parameter and added needful debug statements to troubleshoot both primary and secondary SSs in the provided DLLs. Here reduced the polling internal to 15 secs significantly brought down the precedence 20 events during secondary SS restart. Once Fault tolerance role was determined/established then setting again with the original/default timeout internal value(60secs) for the landscape polling.

Above changes tentatively planned for release. 
Actually customer noticed other events(~100 ) related to different type alarms issues as well for this customer need to upgrade their current spectrum version to the latest release to avoid this problem. 

Additional Information

It is expected to see some precedence 20 events at every OLB.  Putting the "is_secondary=true" entry in the .vnmrc of the secondary should reduce these sufficiently.

The logging of the device events during an online backup was disabled in 10.2, so that they will not show in the Event history on the primary SpectroSERVER after the online backup has completed.  There is an exception to this and is FAD as described below but that is not the case here in this issue as we are seeing other precedence 20 events. 

During an OLB, the primary SpectroSERVER copies the SSdb file to the Secondary SpectroSERVER and then the secondary loads the file and comes back to a "running" state. 
Later, the secondary SpectroSERVER generates the events( Eg: "The VNM has been started") and those will be synced with Primary Archive Manager and marks them as event precedence 20. 
OneClick displays events in the yellow color if the events are found with precedence as 20 which means those events generated by secondary SS. 
So, the yellow events do not mean that the Secondary Archive Manager took over during the OLB but are specific to the OLB process.

e.g. "Contact Lost to Secondary SpectroSERVER" which means secondary SpectroSERVER went down and started loading the SSdB file of primary SS.
Primary SpectroSERVER found that secondary SpectroSERVER came up and running and starts clearing original event(i.e Contact Lost to Secondary SpectroSERVER). 
You will see this event creation time as "Clear On" time for secondary SpectroSERVER lost event. 
i.e. Secondary SpectroSERVER established the connection with primary SpectroSERVER and same event is raised. You will see that event as yellow color with precedence 20.

But we see should not see a large amount of events with precedence 20 around each OLB.