Getting incorrect login for Harvest workbench
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Getting incorrect login for Harvest workbench


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


I keep getting the error message my password is not correct but it’s the same as the one the worked the day before. I know I am not typing it in wrong because I am copying it from a password manager. Why would this be happening?


Release : 14.0


We found that Workbench is installed locally but the installed files and the .cascm folder are all on a network shared drive.  

Customer finds that sometimes he is able to login ok and other times not.  Since he's using a password manager utility and copy/paste, he is confident that he is entering the correct password every time. 

This can happen if the network is not 100% stable.  When the network is temporarily disconnected, the "Invalid userid or password" message can be returned to Workbench.


We concluded that installing Workbench locally on his laptop might lead to a more consistent result.  The broker is at version 14.0.2 so Sumathi sent David the installation files for the 14.0 Workbench.  Recommended to uninstall Workbench and install again selecting a drive local on the Laptop as the target location.