Unable to load the report to the SCRT portal: IBM validation failed.
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Unable to load the report to the SCRT portal: IBM validation failed.


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I was unable to load the report to the SCRT portal yesterday.

This error is seen: IBM validation failed. See the Frequently Asked Questions in the online help.


Release : 15.0


Comma in LPAR_Comment  field


Normally this error indicates that one of the not-able-to-be-modified fields in the generated ISV SCRT report has been manually modified after generation which triggers the validation routine to reject it.

Another possible problem is to be found in the CAISCRT7: LPAR_Comment  field.

The LPAR_Comment was added to the VALIDATION_CODE during the ISV SCRT report generation by the scrtv282 program in the CAISCRT JCL and then it was not accepted by the validation program in the scrt-stg.broadcom.com site.

The validator specifically doesn't like comma characters (,) in the comment.  This could be because it is a comma separated value file, IBM's validator is parsing this as an "end of value" even though it is within quotations and simply part of the value.

The resolution is to remove any commas from the LPAR_Comment.  

When specifying a comment in an INCLUDE or EXCLUDE statement that includes a comma, the comma is replaced with a space.  It only appears to be in the LPAR_Comment field that the comma remains a comma, and it appears that the VALIDATION_CODE is incorrectly generated because of it.


Note that the comment can be manually added to the SCRT report after generation in the same field WITH a comma and validate fine.  This is why we believe it to be a bug in the SCRT report generation tool, and not the SCRT validation tool.


So, please redo the reports accordingly removing the commas from the LPAR Comment field and try and load them again.