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How to Add a WinPE package to an Automation Folder configuration


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Deployment Solution


How can I add WINPE-ENHANCEDSTORAGE or another WinPE preboot package to an existing Automation Folder


Deployment Solution 8.6 RU2 and later


There is a need to add a WinPE preboot package to an existing Automation Folder configuration


There are two primary methods to add a WinPE preboot package to an existing Automation Folder configuration.

Option 1: Use the Symantec Management Console to select additional packages and rebuild Automation Folder configuration. This method should be used when installing through built in policies.

  1. Open Symantec Management Console and navigate to 'Settings > Deployment > Manage Preboot Configurations'
  2. Select 'Preboot Environment Settings' drop down
  3. In the 'Configure Preboot Environment:' selection, ensure the correct WinPE version is selected then put a check mark in the box associated with the WinPE package/s to be added. Selected WinPE packages are installed in order from top to bottom in the console UI. Package dependencies are required to be installed in the correct order. Please use the following Microsoft article to ensure you are installing required dependencies in the correct order by moving the package up/down the list in console UI if required: WinPE Optional Components dependencies. Once the packages and dependencies are selected and arranged in the correct order, click 'Apply'
  4. Select 'Recreate Preboot Environment' for the desired Automation Folder configuration. Alternatively, create a new Automation Folder configuration by selecting 'Add'
  5. Once the rebuild is complete, enable an Automation Folder Install policy with the appropriate computer target and AF configuration selected.

Option 2: Run BootWiz.exe from the Notification Server to create an Automation folder installation package for manual installation

  1. On the Notification Server navigate to the following directory with an Administrator account:
    C:\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\BDC\bootwiz (where C: is ITMS installation location)
  2. Run BootWiz.exe as Administrator
  3. Right click on 'Configurations' and select 'New Configuration' and follow the Boot Disk Creator prompts to create an Automation Folder .exe installer with desired WinPE packages included. Selected WinPE packages are installed in order from top to bottom but can not be rearranged from BootWiz.exe. This is set in the Symantec Management Console UI under 'Manage Preboot Configurations'. The console then automatically updates \Deployment\BDC\bootwiz\Platforms\WinPE<ver>_<arch>WimPkg.ini with the selected order.
  4. Ensure to select the proper architecture of the client machine you will be installing the Automation Folder on.
  5. Manually install the AF package or deliver through 'Copy File' task