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If French language is used in IM, Filter under Create and Modify Bulk Task Definition couldn't be defined


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CA Identity Suite


We have deployed Identity Suite in Software mode on 14.4 CP1 + CHF2 with French language.

First we activate in the admin Task "Create Bulk Task" and "Modify Bulk Task" under the Tab "Profile" the Object Types "Admin Role", "Access Role", "Group" and "Provisioning Role".

After, we try to create a Bulk Task definition.
For Object Type Group We succeed to create one without Problem with a filter.
But when we try to create one for Access Role or Admin Role or Provisioning Role, we can't define a filter under the Tab "Population" (for example, we want to modify all the Access Role with the CustomField10 <> *) - Options don't appear



Release : 14.4


Resolved with hotfix DE547171 and will be available in CHF after 14.4 CP2.