Finding job that executed LOCK OPTION=MOVER
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Finding job that executed LOCK OPTION=MOVER


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A batch job failed that issued a LOCK OPTION=MOVER on a database. Another job started later issuing a second LOCK OPTION=MOVER on the same database and went in a hang state as expected. 

Is there a function available in Datacom to see what job issued the first LOCK OPTION=MOVER on a database, in this case the failed batch job? COMM OPTION=STATUS only displays the active job (second LOCK OPTION=MOVER)


Release : 15.1


  1. Run SQL SELECT * FROM SYSADM.MUF_LOCKS_VALUE . The report has a column DURATION with the time that the lock is active in the Datacom Multi-User (MUF). 
  2. Scroll backwards in the MUF log for that duration time and look for message DB02805I which has the job name and run unit number from the job that executed that LOCK OPTION=MOVER.  

Additional Information

See LOCK (Lock a Data Area)