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Disabling the database roll up in MOI


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


In MOI, a function called database roll up is used to summarize all metric data values to a 1 hour interval after the default 45 days of metric data storage.   This roll up allows the MOI Reporting/Dashboarding to provide reports, charts, etc.  past the 45 days of metric data storage.   In addition, the roll up reduces the amount of storage needed by MOI since the metric data beyond 45 days is no longer stored at its lowest granular level interval i.e. 1 minute.   

This roll up function is not needed by customers that don't use the reporting/dashboarding functionality for data older than 45 days. 

A script to turn off the database roll up functionality is attached to this Knowledge Document and instructions on how to execute the script are included in the KD Resolution section. 


Release : 2.1


Download the attached script, MOI_Disable_Database_Rollup_1669034907351.txt, to your laptop and transfer it in binary mode to your MOI Appliance Linux machine into the /tmp directory via your preferred FTP method. 

Perform the following Linux commands: 

> cd /tmp

> chmod  +x  MOI_Disable_Database_Rollup_1669034907351.txt   

To disable the database roll up in MOI: 

>   ./MOI_Disable_Database_Rollup_1669034907351.txt 

This script will turn off the database roll up that is currently being used by MOI reporting/dashboarding to report on metric data beyond the default 45 days of detailed metric data storage.    Note that no reporting/dashboard metric values will be available after 45 days once the database roll up is turned off and 45 days have passed. 



MOI_Disable_Database_Rollup_1669034907351.txt get_app