CA Developer Portal: Invalid client ID when accessing APIs
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CA Developer Portal: Invalid client ID when accessing APIs


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End customers observe an "Invalid Client ID" error when accessing a specific Gateway Published APIs.


Release : 5.0


There is a bug, in some cases Client ID are not synced to the OTK database.

For now,  move back to legacy Api sync. To enable legacy sync you need to call this endpoint with given payload (you can also find this endpoint in API explorer)

 POST https://{portal-url}/api/{tenant-id}/deployments/0.1/proxies/{proxyUuid}/config
{    "useNewAutoSync": false}

and also please make sure legacy sync scheduler jobs are enabled on GW.


Follow the below steps to switch back to legacy sync can be called from PAPI's API Explorer:

1) Logon to Tenant Portal.

2) Go to Proxies and select the Proxy from the list and note down the UUID which is the last part of the URL.

In this example the UUID is "37c95ca2-4854-44b2-a6d3-fa2658ddd129"

3) Select Portal API and select Portal API from the API drop-down.

4) Proxies - GET Method

  • GET
  • /deployments/0.1/proxies/{uuid}/config
  • Returns configuration settings

Under Parameters uuid, paste the proxy UUID noted in Step 2.

5) Submit the request and you will see below response body.

    "useNewAutoSync": true

6) Change the "useNewAutoSync" to false from 

  • PUT
  • /deployments/0.1/proxies/{uuid}/config
  • Update configuration settings
Implementation Notes

Submit the changes.

Now, the legacy sync jobs will start syncing the APIs and the Applications with the Portal and TSSG.