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Total cost column reverted back to the previous value when the grid values are copy pasted


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Clarity PPM SaaS


In Cost Plan details, when copy pasting the cost to the line items, the Total cost in that line item vanishes


Release : 16.1.0


1. Login to a 16.1.0 machine and navigate to MUX
2. Open a project which is financially enabled
3. Navigate to Financial Tab --> Cost Plan
4. Create a new Cost Plan with any Grouping Attribute, for example Cost Type and Trasnaction Class
   The Monhtly duration of the cost plan can be set as 4 months for this example. 
5. Click on the Cost Plan and enter into the Cost Plan Details
6. Create multiple line items and at this point the Planned Cost is 0 for all line items. 
7. Configure the Totals Cost column in the Cost Plan Details page
8. Open an excel and put Cost in 2 columns like 10000 20000
9. Copy the Cost from Excel and paste it to any Line item in Cost Plan details 
Expected and Actual: The Total Cost rightly shows as 30000
10. Now click on any cell other than the one the cost was pasted.

Expected: The Total Cost remains the same as 30000
Actual: The Total Cost goes back to 0 even though the line items still has 10000 and 20000

Work Around: Refresh the page or sort the grouping attribute which forces the line item to refresh. Once this is done, then the 
cost shows up correctly again.


DE67426 - Potential defect created and is under Engineering review