Issue with Allocations Timeline - Role filter
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Issue with Allocations Timeline - Role filter


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


SUMMARY: In the MUX Staffing module, Resource Availability section, filtering by Is Role and Resource Name produces strange results.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. In Staffing in MUX, in bottom pane select Resource Availability from dropdown.
2. Create a filter 'Is Role = Yes'
3. Create another filter for a resource role - e.g. 'Full Name contains Accounting'. Ensure All is selected for Match Filters. 
4. Change the first filter to 'Is Role = --All--' or remove the Is Role filter altogether.

Expected Results: The Accounting resource rows should be displayed.

Actual Results: No resource Rows are displayed. The results are the same if you use Last Name in the filter.

Workaround: None. 


Release : 16.0.3, 16.1.0


DE67415, will be resolved in upcoming 16.1.1 release.