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APM Net Agent Property :


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


NET Core Application crashes issue resolved by setting this property to false. 


Explanation of the Property:

Automatic Thread Stack Collection

Agent will collect thread stack snapshots automatically for following events:

  • Errors
  • Stalls
  • Entry Point Detection Event
  • Exit Point Detection Event

The feature is controlled by property in agent profile that is currently disabled OOB:

  •<true|false> Enables the entire Discovery feature

Customer Concern:

Could you please let us know, which metrics will be missed if we disable the property "" ?

Please confirm, if we would not get thread related information in transaction traces if disabled.


Release : SAAS





Per Engineering, No metric would be missed with this property disabled, but thread stacks would not be collected automatically and added to reporting of transaction traces and error/stall events.

    This property enables the agent to automatically discover .NET/.NET Core application frontends. The property also enables the agent to generate stack trace events on the discovered frontends and send the thread stack snapshot.
    • Values:  true, false
    • Default:  true
    • Example:
    • Note:  No monitored application restart required.
      The auto discovery feature and auto collection of thread stack traces would be turn off if