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Editing a topology hangs the OC client and new users cannot log in.


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CA Spectrum


We are trying to add a Network Container to a Topology view in Spectrum and every time we do it hangs the user clients and boots all other users out.

If we try to launch a new client it will be stuck in Initializing and never open.

We must cycle tomcat every time to resolve this.


Release : 21.2


Corrupt attributes that build the OneClick Topology.


The topology view needed to be rebuilt. We were able to do that by selecting all models in the view, cutting them, pasting them back in.  This resets the attributes that are used for the calculation of the placement of the models in the Topology.


Additional Information

If the client still hangs when you do this please open a ticket with support and provide your database.  We will load it and run the cut/paste to rebuild the attributes.