Error: Calculated attribute exceeds the system-defined constraints
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Error: Calculated attribute exceeds the system-defined constraints


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If you have a calculated attribute and for some reason the value becomes too large you may see the error:  Calculated attribute exceeds the system defined constraints.

The related fields then become uneditable and cannot be fixed.






Release :All PAS


To allow the associated fields to be edited so the value will calculate correctly

1) Go to the specific object and calculated attribute

2) Copy the current formula so you can put it back when done

3) Use the formula Absolute with a constant = 1

   - Generate it.  You may have to remove the original formula first if it repopulated

4) Validate and Save and Return

5) Go to the page with the bad value.


You should now be able to edit the fields as the calculation now = 1

Once you enter the correct amounts

Go back to the Object attribute and change the formula back.


Save and Return