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Spool - LPDFILE command is failing


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We have submitted the command from Linux machine:

 lpr -H -P SAR1 test123.txt

Linux server name :- dc04dlvorc302 /

Receiving error.


Release : 14.0


The client needed to define the destination to CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) before sending the file. 

This Spool documentation link provides information on how to define a printer to CUPS:

Here are Linux commands to define a printer, if LPD is to be used:

 lpadmin -p SAR1 -v lpd://
 cupsaccept SAR1
 cupsenable SAR1

Then use the following LP command to print file:

 lp -d SAR1 test.txt

If there is a preference to use IPP, the definition should be:

 lpadmin -p SAR1 -v ipp://
 cupsaccept SAR1
 cupsenable SAR1

The LP command remains the same:

lp -d SAR1 test.txt


In Spool:

 . The ESFLOG will indicate the LPD server that received the file and sent it to View
   with name "16 - TES" . 

 . For the file name to be the same as the Linux file name, change the Spool LPDDEST
   statement as below:


 . Note: There is an added "0" after &N.