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Discovery not working properly for clustered firewall since upgrade to 20.4CU4


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Discovery in the OC 20.45 does not work at all for us since we upgraded. We also have manually added items into our SNMPCollector now that do not show up when we look in the OC under inventory. We also have some of those devices that show up in the PRD and some do not.

At this point, we cant use discovery properly at all in our test or prod environments.

MAIN Issue - Discovery of a firewall cluster shows two IP addresses, one for each node but as a single inventory item, rather than multiple nodes/devices in the SNMP Collector.

Related issues:

- Cannot view manually-added SNMPC Devices in OC Inventory.

- Cannot see metrics in PRD from discovered firewall nodes at all, in the PRD typing in the hostname there is no device name option to choose from.


  • Release: 20.4
  • discovery_server 20.41, and 20.42


- appears to be a vendor issue (All SysName's defaulting to CLM3 due to cluster/SNMP).


As the SysName/DisplayName was the same for all the cluster nodes and correlation was happening because of the name (PRD-FW-REPLICATION-CLM3) of the cluster nodes we added the excluded_values for PRD-FW-REPLICATION-CLM3 in AllCorrelationNames section as shown below:

            included_target_properties = "any.CorrelationNames"
            included_source_properties = "any.CorrelationNames"
            type = Other
             prd-fw-clm = PRD-FW-REPLICATION-CLM3


After this change, you were able to see the 4 cluster nodes in the OC (with same Name but different IpAddress) and there were 4 different cs_ids generated, one for each cluster node.

Setup and metrics are working fine now in your lab.