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aws RDS metrics alarm even when alarming is turned off in the template, and no threshold is defined


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When we start with a fresh probe and we create a default template via copying it, we turn ALL alarming off in the template and only collect data for metrics. 

All of a sudden, randomly, we get RDS red critical alarms when the RDS metrics are set to collect even though alarming was turned off and NO threshold was set. This has happened for the last three weeks.

I have deleted the AWS probe and folder from the server and started from scratch and it happened every single time, it's always the same two RDS QOS metrics for which the alarms remain turned on.



Every time I create a new template from the default Factory template and I turn all alarming off for ALL metrics we always get red critical alerts for these two metrics from probes.

The template has the alarming set to OFF but the alarming for these 2 metrics remains on for some unknown reason.


  • Release: UIM 20.4
  • aws probe v5.42


- baseline_engine cache


1. Backup the relevant hub's baseline_engine cache_dir

2. Clear the existing cache folder

3. Then create a new template

4. Make sure the template is applied

5. Check the results again to make sure the alarms are turned off

All the alarm configurations' cache is stored in this directory.