Project baselines in subprojects
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Project baselines in subprojects


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Baselining a master project should baseline its subprojects too. If the same project is a subproject on more than one master project and is set as Read-Only in one, no baseline is inherited from the master projects.
A baseline should be created on all subprojects, but the fact of being read-only on another investment hierarchy prevents the baseline from being created


1. Create 3 projects MySubproject, MyMaster1, MyMaster2
2. Add the MySubproject as a subproject of MyMaster1 and MyMaster2
3. On the MyMaster1, subproject list, set the MySubproject as Read-Only
   Note that the same subproject on MyMaster2 is Read-Write
4. Go to MyMaster2 project, baseline menu and create a baseline

Expected Results: The baseline gets created in MyMaster2 and inherited by MySubproject. Baseline gets created in the master as well as subproject
Actual results: The baseline gets craeted only in MyMaster2. Baseline is not created in MySubproject


This is caused by DE67417


This is fixed in 16.1.1