APM - MQ Monitor Metric stuck value
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APM - MQ Monitor Metric stuck value


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


MQMonitor on Wily 10.7 HF84. APMIA is from 12-Mar-21.

extension is ibm-mq-ia-dd040260xt30-

For a couple of times the monitor reported that the age of Oldest Message Age (sec) with a wrong value. Value is actually zero but it is stuck on a high value that triggers an alter.

The only way to reset this is to restart MQMonitor. 


Release : 10.7.0 HF84

MQ Monitoring 


 Per Engineering and Development, this is not a bug, rather by design. 

Development has changed the design of IBM MQ Infrastructure Agent introducing a few filtering options.

The newly designed product now will inquire required attributes from WebSphere MQ thereby reducing the number of metrics for better monitoring.

This design is also helping customers to cut down on metrics that are showing empty values. 

Now, whatever PCF returns, we show the same results and the metric “Oldest Message Age (sec)”  is not calculated anymore but is shown as it comes. (8 min, 16 min etc. ) 

In your current 'ibm-mq-ia-dd040260xt30-'  version, the way that we are doing calculations is very cumbersome and we now have removed it. 


Recommendation :

To go for the newly released agent 22.6 and above and have a better and required metric view with less over head.