Microservice ppmbroker - New service
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Microservice ppmbroker - New service


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In 16.1.0+ we noticed a new service, Microservice Broker with id ppmbroker, we are On Premise deployment, should we deploy it?

Broker is a micro service,the idea is to provide a way to off-load real-time processing of long running requests or portions of requests from the Clarity application server. This is different than something that is handled by the Background Server in that these services are not scheduled nor are they processes subject to the process engine.

Services are intended to be short in duration (smaller than a Job, larger than a query) but complex enough to be a burden on the application server if executed as part of an API request from the client. Think Function-As-A-Service.

Some examples of a micro service might be:

  • Export to PDF
  • Calculate Labor ETC for an investment when assignments change
  • Calculate Remaining Availability for a team member when allocations change
  • InstaSlicing of curves



Release : 16.1.0+


  • This is a new service in Clarity that would leverage some microservice work (i.e. Export to PDF etc.)
  • It has a new service type, ppmbroker

Steps to enable PPM Broker:

  1. Run the command:
    service add deploy ppmbroker
  2. Enable the service once deployed:
    • If you deploy ppmbroker from CSA, make sure you select Enable Service in CSA - MicroService Broker tab
    • If making a change in properties.xml, set enableBroker="true" 
  3. Start the service: service start ppmbroker

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Note: PPM Broker service is not mandatory for use. If you do not want to deploy it at this point, there is no functionality impact. The work with be done as usual by the existing Clarity services App and BG