Need help creating a Static and Smart Lists for my report
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Need help creating a Static and Smart Lists for my report


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I’m trying to create a scheduled report using a Saved List but I'm just not exactly sure how to create it or available options.


Gear Icon >  Manage Saved Lists

Static Lists:

Static List are created manually.  
We can create a static list below by clicking the button (see "My Static List"  below).
After creating the static list, click on "All network Paths" and you can choose any path and drag it into the list.  
You can use click + shift or click + control to select multiple paths.

Smart Lists:
Smart List allow us to specify other criteria, so we are able to group a list of delivery paths based on the configurations used when the paths were created:

You can select one or more setting to specify a variety of paths to add to your Smart List.

Some of the settings are configured within the path when you originally set it up:

You can also change the path settings on an existing path by selecting the Configure Path button:

Then modify any of the settings:

Additional Information

You can also access Lists through API, using the /v3/savedList endpoint.
You'll need to include the ID for your Organization, which can be queried through API GET /v3/organization