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Can Clarity SaaS SSO users login to OData?


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Clarity PPM SaaS


What is the requirement for setting up users to access ODATA?  Can we use existing SSO users with API keys to login to ODATA?


Release : 16.0.3


SSO users should be able to access Odata using a Rest API key created in clarity.

The steps would be

1- Login to the Modern UX

2- Go to Administration > API keys and Authentication

3- Create a client

4- Go to the top right and click on Username > API keys

5- Create a new API key.  Copy the key and select done

Then to call Odata:

URL: your Odata URL from Classic > Administration > Odata Data Warehouse Service

Authentication Type: Basic

Username:  client|username|OData Authenticator

Client = client from step #3 (case sensitive)

Username = your clarity user name

Odata Authenticator: from Administration > Odata Data Warehouse Service