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Cannot edit "SSL Trust Store Location" and "Password" when configuring "New Authentication system" in dSeries (WA DE)


Article ID: 254543


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CA Workload Automation DE


User is unable edit "SSL Trust Store Location" and "SSL Trust Store Password" fields when trying to add "New Authentication system".



Component: Workload Automation ESP dSeries (DE)

Release : 12.x


If at any point an SSL truststore was added, the dSeries manager will hard code it in

#Added by Manager


Delete all the entries under Authentication Systems.

Remove or comment both of the "" lines from  

Restart dSeries service and then add an Authentication System.   All the fields should be blank and editable for new system.


Note: Only one SSL trust store can be used. If more than one Authentication system (AD/LDAP), all the systems will have to use the same SSL trust store and associated password.   The trust store can store multiple certificates for different LDAP server.  To import or add certificates, use keytool  command, see this link for details.