Jenkins Build Job: Failed to create artifact-package
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Jenkins Build Job: Failed to create artifact-package


Article ID: 254540


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


During a Jenkins build job we are getting an error:

Generating artifact package XML for package <Artifact Package Name>
Artifact Retrival Source Type REPOSITORY
Adding Repository Artifacts
Adding Artifact Version: <Artifact Version Name/Detail>
Generating Release Manifest XML
Adding Template Properties to Manifest XML
Deployment Plan URL: https://<NolioRA Hostname>:<NolioRA Port>/datamanagement/#/main/releases/<deployment plan id>

No Artifact Packages found

Error occurred while trying to create and run a Deployment Plan.
Reason: Deployment Plan with id [<deployment plan id>] created with error in: Failed to create artifact-package [Artifact-definition not found. ApplicationID = <Application ID>, artifact type = <Artifact Type Name>, definition = <Artifact Definition Name>]
[Pipeline] }
[Pipeline] // stage
[Pipeline] }
[Pipeline] // node
[Pipeline] End of Pipeline
java.lang.Exception: Build 11 failed


Release : 6.7



The application being targeted does not have either the Artifact Type or Artifact Definition being specified. 



Confirm the following:

  • The targeted Application ID matches the expected application name (with the ID returned in the error). If you're not sure which application resolves to ApplicationID 268
    • Log into the Nolio Release Operation Center (ROC) WebUI
    • Navigate to Help -> REST API (Swagger). This will load a page where you can call the /api/{versionId}/applications GET API (under the Public API V4) section.
    • Expand /api/{versionId}/applications call, provide "v4" in the versionId field and then click the "Try it out!" button.
    • This will return a list of all applications and their ApplicationID.
  • An Artifact Type with the name <reflected in the error> exists.
  • An Artifact Definition with the name <reflected in the error> exists.  


If the Artifact Type or Artifact Definition does not exist, then create it and run your Jenkins build job again.