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CollectionModelNameString Showing <Unknown> on various models


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CA Spectrum


In our attempt to add devices in to the IP Domains via api by creating associations between model and ipDomain, we are immediately seeing the value “Unknown” to the attribute for Global Collection (0x12adb).  

We also get inconsistent results from API queries to the SS for total number of models loaded in the ipDomain.

It is only happening on 1 of 4 ipDomains.



Release : 21.2


Root cause was found to be user error in the API script that associates models to ipDomains.

The ipDomain exists on 3 landscapes and the customer was not aware they had to associate with the ipDomain mh of the landscape where the device is modeled.

The name is the same on each landscape but the model_handle is obviously different as model handles are based on the landscape handle.

I was able to recreate the <unknown> attribute value by associating the devices on landscape 1 with NA ipDomain but using the mh of the same ipDomain of another landscape. 


Steps to recreate:

1. show all ipDomains on landscape 1

 ./show models mth=0x5c40001  

2. Choose an ipDomain mh from step 1 and show all models associated with this ipDomain, that were added statically/manually.

./show associations mh=<ipDomain1 mh>  |grep -i staticGlobalCollects 

3. choose one model <deviceY mh > that shows a correct association and verify the CollectionModelNameString value.

./show attributes <deviceY mh >  |grep -i 0x12adb

4. destroy the association

./destroy association rel=staticGlobalCollects lmh=<ipDomain1 mh>  rmh= <deviceY mh >

5. create incorrect association with the same ipDomain 

./create association rel=staticGlobalCollects lmh=<ipDomain2 mh> rmh=<deviceY mh>

6. now we see the unknown value

./show associations mh=<deviceY mh> |grep -i staticGlobalCollects

0x12adb     CollectionsModelNameString                             <unknown>


Turn off the API script that models and associates devices in Spectrum.

Remove all associations from the ipDomains.  This is best done via CLI script on the SS if there are a lot of models in the ipDomain

Fix the script so that it associates only to the correct ipDomain or stop associating via script and use the dynamic search of the ipDomain as recommended.