CAS9013A license expire product 4F (Gen TCP/IP Direct Connect)
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CAS9013A license expire product 4F (Gen TCP/IP Direct Connect)


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Starting to see this license warning:
CAS9013A    Product 4F about to expire or is expired and is in use

Have used Gen TCP/IP Direct Connect for CICS (CICS Sockets Server Listener (TISRVLIS) and CICS Multi Socket Server Listener (TISRVMSL)) for some time and have not seen this message before.


The LMP product key 4F does correspond to the Gen TCP/IP Direct Connect for CICS component which has always required an LMP license, but in the past the license check was not working correctly.
When IBM SCRT features were added to Gen 8.6 PTFs released in November 2020, a license check fix for the TCP/IP Direct Connect Listeners was implemented at the same time - SO15047.
This is also covered under the Gen 8.6 Customize Middleware doc. page under Customize for TCP/IP e.g. for CICS:
Gen TCP/IP Listeners have been modified to check the correct LMP code and will no longer produce the message "TIRM130 LMP (license check) HAS NOT BEEN INITIALIZED" but instead will add an entry to the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool report produced by IBM.


Please contact Broadcom Customer Care team to request the required license for Gen TCP/IP Direct Connect LMP product key 4F.
Alternatively if you have no current license entitlement for Gen TCP/IP Direct Connect please contact your Broadcom Account team.
License entitlements can be checked via option "My Entitlements" from your Broadcom Support Portal Dashboard page after login:

Additional Information

LMP product keys and codes can be checked here: LMP Listing

Common Components and Services for z/OS 15.0 > Administrating > Resource Initialization Manager (CAIRIM) > LMP and CAIRIM